Surface protection of aluminum by electrostatic powder coating in the MTC is performed in a new plant that guarantees the fulfillment of strict world standards.

Aluminum products are POWDER COATED with polyester powder paints that are applied electrostatically in accordance with the QUALICOAT certificate.

POWDER COATED of aluminum profiles of all configurations with a maximum length of up to 7 m and sheets with maximum dimensions of 7 m x 1.7 m is carried out.

The plant has three booths (two of them are automatic and one is manual) for powder application, which allows a large capacity of the plant.

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The technological process of chemical preparation consists of the following phases:

  • degreasing,
  • deoxidation,
  • passivation,
  • hot air drying.

Electrostatic powder coating is performed with the most up to date equipment of the Swiss company “ITW GEMA“.

Full technical support for all customer requirements and questions is provided by the professional team of technologists.

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